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This is an actual student essay (used with permission, and with identifying information removed). In this assignment, I asked tenth grade students to write something from their own experience about the theme of the course ("language and power"). This student, "Akesha," writes about experiences with her pastor and with her roommate that revealed the power (or lack of power) created by certain uses of language.

Please read and respond to this piece as if Akesha were your student (you may download and/or print out this piece in order to make comments if you wish); in addition, decide what grade you would assign this personal narrative, and why; we will compare and discuss your responses in class on 1/26, but if possible I would also like you to upload them to the discussion forum of this wiki page (if you have made handwritten comments, you may either scan your copy or summarize your responses in that post). I look forward to your insights!