Here I have provided you with several actual textual analyses to evaluate.
Unlike the last set, I have included several composed in both "traditional" and "non-traditional" modes; my goal in doing this was to allow you to consider what students learned from using these other modes, and to give you an opportunity to practice responding to multimodal texts.
1. Before doing this, review my responses to your comments on the sample set of student narratives: what do you want to keep in mind as you respond to these student work samples? Make a discussion post to the top of the page.
2. Comment on/respond to the "student" texts as if you were a teacher writing to the authors (I have provided tools/suggestions for how you might make comments on each text; if you wish, you can save your commented copies to your personal page); when you have finished commenting, write and post a reflection to the discussion forum at the top of the page (reply to your post for step 1) on the strengths and weaknesses of this group of students (much as you would reflect, as a teacher, on what your class is doing well and what they still need to work on) with regard to textual analysis. Here you should also consider what's gained and lost by the use of each of these modes (e.g., "I thought the use of images on the website provided another possibility for evidence to be considered in the analysis, however, I couldn't see how the images were related to the topic in these examples....")
3. Bring your comments on the texts with you to class on Wednesday prepared to discuss your criteria for evaluating textual analysis.

NOTE: When you save these documents, please change the name by adding your initials (e.g., "filename+MS.doc"); that way, if you upload to the wiki, you won't accidentally overwrite the original file, or someone else's comments!

Analyses of a poem
Poem: "Signals at Sea" by Annie Dillard

"Image Theater" performance (to comment on this, use Bubbleply to add comments to the YouTube video)

"Reader's Theater" performance (To comment on this, consider downloading to Audacity to add audio comments)

Analyses of an advertisement
5-paragraph essay
(To comment on this, consider using the comment feature of MS Word)

"Subvertisement" (you might want to try commenting on this using Voice Thread, an online image/video annotation tool you'll be using next year)

Voicethread version

Analyses of a play: (To comment on these pdf files, consider using the comment feature of Adobe Reader)
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
5-paragraph essay

Website (to be able to comment directly on this, you may want to capture images of the page using Screenhunter) How to:

Analyses of a societal issue:
Advanced Placement sample essay

Online "wikibook" (to be able to comment directly on this, you may want to capture images of the page using Screenhunter) How to: