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Student Textual Analysis:

I was able to get BubblePLY to work but not give me a link... multiple times. Out of frustration, here are my comments. (Mike - if you wanted to show me this sometime during lab, I'd love to see how to get to step 3!!)

I think it's great how the themes and line of the poem are being represented through tableaux here.
Great incorporation of all group members
Although this is a spectacular physical representation of the poem it does not provide analysis. Do you think there is a way to do this type of representation and analyze a piece of work?

Same thing with Audicity, maybe this is my computer and not every program's problem...

I found the intensity used to represent the poem to be a wonderful idea.
I like how certain lines were read separately and certain ones were read together. Was there a reason behind your choice? If so, why not read them all together or all separately?
One suggestion would be to over-emphasis each line with different inflections in your tone of voice and volume level. This would also be a choice of which to emphasize.
I thought the add-ins throughout were a great rendition of a traditional reading!! Great overall job!!