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Comments on Student Textual Analysis- 3.18.09
BubblePLY + JEH
I am not sure if this link works, so here are my comments:
0:16 What effect were you trying to achieve with the snapping of the fingers?
0:38 What made you have the reader be in front of those performing? How does it affect the way the poem is presented? Does it matter?
0:43 It's great how you have everybody at different levels!
1:05 When you turn your back, try to read a little louder so the audience can still hear you. If you want a whisper to add to the presentation, make it more audible.
1:15 The various parts fit well together, but next time, try to have the other presenters be more overtly active. I hope you had fun with the poem!

Audacity: I had trouble with this site, so here are my comments for this as well
-Why did you want to have the lights dim? Would there be a spotlight at all? What is the effect on the audience? On how the poem is perceived?
-The beat is very interesting- how did you choose it? What would have changed had it been faster or slower?
0:26 I LOVE how you speed up after “speed trial” and then have a hush. It adds a sense of urgency to the poem at that point.
0:38 What is the purpose of repeating this line in unison? It mimics the beginning, but doesn’t fit with the continued reading. Why read it this way?
0:45 “Watch Out!”- I would make this a bit more panicked, loud, and fearful when interjecting this to create the mood and intensity of the line. As for now, it seems a bit last minute and the timing was a little off. Maybe this is something to work on for next time.
1:00 The end is so powerful because you stop the beat and only read in unison. Great!

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