I believe in the power of the sun In the notion that ideas can change the clouds’ formations A snowflake’s aim and determination To comfort a lonely, barren mountain peak I believe in the recklessness of love The ameliorative benefits of human connection I sense hope in the certainty of death Despite the tragedies of senseless ambitions The citizens shout fire and gas and chains And the pulpits do not hide their bold intentions I sense hope in a journey through the birth canal And in the selfishness of procreation I hear change in the wind between guitar strings In verses, in strokes, in midnight proclamations In parked cars abandoned by hungry, eager feet In a city street, in a mass amalgamation I hear change in the measured responses to unanswered questions Because even the patient have their limitations --Ernest Morrell


Response to Sample Student T.A.

Analysis of a Poem

**Reader's Theater Response**

  • The booming in the background makes the reading of the poem very intense. It reminds me of a heartbeat. Also, the emotion found in the reader's voice allows the audience to feel the poem instead of simply comprehending it. It brings the poem to life and gives great meaning to the words. Although this is a really great expression of the poem I would be curious of a deeper interpretation or analysis. It would be interesting to dig deeper into this poem.

**Image Theater Performance** (Bubbly)
  • I thought that this interpretation of the poem was very fun and entertaining. I love the way that the student commanded attention by using a very authoritative voice. Also, when his classmates began to laugh at his peers behind him he did not break focus. The one thing I ould criticize is the lack of depth of the poem. There does not seem to be a critical analysis of the poem or an in depth interpretation. It seems that this performance has just brushed the surface of possible critical interpretations, but it was still thoughtful and fun to watch! :)

Analysis of an Advertisement

  • I really enjoyed the "real" interpretation of these advertisements. It would have been cool to see the shoe ad recreated to showcase it's "real" message. I really enjoyed viewing the two different ads for the Parrot Bay Rum. It was funny the way the I precieved the different ads. When I saw the first one the alcohol looked somewhat intcing, and then when I scrolled down to the revamped ad I was immediately reminded of a hangover...therefore changing my mind from inticing to repulsive. I think that this assignment would be awesome to do with my students. It's important to decode all of the propaganda and messages that the media throw at us...by doing so I will hope to prodcue students that will be well aware of the world around them.

Analysis of a Play

  • I really like the set up of the directions. The students have topic options and are even given some points to jumpstart their thinking for the essay's topic. Also, the teacher gives the students a guideline for their essay formation. I think this is a great way to remind students that they must have this formating and this is how you do it. I like that the sheet has blanks so the students can write in their topic sentences and thesis. It seems that it would make students organize their thoughts before they attempt to formalize it which is most definitely beneficial.

Textual Analysis Assignment

...my student sample with comments
...my professional sample with comments

...my draft! :)

Research Project

Exploring Creativity and Formality in the English Classroom

The Power Point

The Handout

The Rubric

The Reflection

Writing Portfolio

1. How can I make this meaningful for my students?
2. What are the drawbacks to compiling a writing portfolio that will be seen by classmates?
3. How can I make this dialogic?
4. How can I make this experience or assignment authentic?

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