back to personal pages This is an interesting site about parody and the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" This is a way to see many styles of newspapers with the front pages and how they can differ from the next.
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Responses to Textual Analysis Example:
  • I have found commenting on the various Medias really taxing. It is a long process that I think would be easier if I was able to better familiarize myself with the technology. I think it is difficult to make accurate and fair assessment of the activities when each media allows a specific type of response. I much rather like word documents and tangible materials to write on and respond to.
  • The strength of this group of students is the ability to generate interesting and good points that relate to the text at hand.
  • A weakness of the textual analyzes is the ability to further explain and articulate what they want to say. They do not make explicit connections; they leave a lot of work for the reader.

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