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Textual Analyses Feedback:

*Readers Theater mp3: I like that you inform the audience of how you wanted to set the scene. This sets up your whole reading. I think the drumming is an interesting sound effect. Does this add to or detract from your reading? What were you trying to convey through the drumming? I like that the drumming speeds up when the line has to do with speed. This really emphasizes the line. I like that you add in sound effects to some lines. The way you say the lines never changes though. Could you have changed you tone/inflection/etc. to make a statement about each line? Overall, I think it is an interesting, solid reading.

*Subvertisement pdf feedback:
-Nike Ad: I think it is interesting that from one word (boing) that you were able to determine so much. You did a good job digging deeper into the ad by making an observation about the word and its placement. I like that you connect the ad to real life when you refer to athletes and how they don't wear these kind of shoes. Do you think this is something the ad is implying? I also like how you use the word ironic; I think it fits the ad well. It's interesting that you focus on the actual appearance of the shoes. The observation about the "springs" on the shoes is very good. You did a great job making a lot out of such a plain ad.
-Captain Morgan ad: I really like your parody of this add. You included all the original elements, but made it your own. I like that you added more elements to convey your point; they really help bring everything together. I think you did a really good job stating what you thought of the ad through parody. I think it is interesting that you changed the font. What are you trying to accomplish here? What does the font say to the reader? I think you did a very nice job.

*The Crucible pdf: I think it is interesting how you start your paper off with a comparison. This seems to work well at getting the readers attention. Does the sentence about the book being historic because it is about a historic event do anything for your paper? Does this sentence make the reader ask "who cares" or does it give them relevant information. Your first paragraph has some good ideas but could use some work in regards to the structure and grammar. Try to vary how your sentences begin; the first three all use people and this seems very repetitive and a bit boring. It is interesting that you bring in the idea of gossiping. You give a good example but don't go into a lot of depth about the idea; if you did, I think this would strengthen the paragraph. You bring in the idea of discrimination, but again do not elaborate on it. Your conclusion simply summarizes what you have stated in your paper. Does this do anything for the paper? What does it say to the reader? I think you have some interesting ideas, but you need to work on elaborating on them. Structure seems to be lacking in the paper which detracts from your ideas and makes it a bit hard to follow. Try using transitions to have a paper that flows together.

*Crucible Website: Interesting front page. This sets the viewer/reader up to believe that the crucible is dark and evil. What is the purpose of summarizing the setting? Is this so that people who have not read the play can understand? If so, I think this is a good idea. I like that you use a chart to show the similarities; it makes it easy for the reader to view the information and understand your message. I think it is interesting that you talk about the metaphor of the crucible. This adds an interesting aspect to your analysis. Overall, I think your analysis is interesting. I'm not sure if the form works how you wanted it to. The transition seems a bit choppy because you have to go back to the table of contents every time. Including a menu on each page would work as transitions would in an essay. I like that you tried this alternate form of text.

*AP English Essay: I really like how you start off your paper. It is an attention getter and leaves the reader wanting to read on. I know I was wondering what was going to come next! I think you did a nice job of structuring your paper. It flows well and maps out your argument nicely. You use transitions very well which contributes to the nice flow of your paper. Using personal experience is what makes your paper. You show support for each side through evidence from your own experience. I think you have done a great job answering the prompt. You complete all parts well and make a nice argument. You do a nice job in the end of justify why you chose the side you did. You used a lot of great words and varied how you started your sentences. I think you did a great job with this paper.

*Wikibook: I really like how you divided the page into different parts with titles. This makes the website not only easy to read but also easy to maneuver. I think it is interesting that you start of with a quote from an author on the subject. This sets up the analysis and focuses the reader. The picture you incorporate is interesting, but you never refer to it. There is so much that can be said about it, but it instead sits alone with a simple caption. What were you trying to accomplish here? Did you want to leave it up to the reader? I like that you used charts for the pros and cons. This makes the information very easy to read. You do a nice job providing evidence and citing all of your sources. I think it's cool that you added in questions for the viewer to answer based on what they had read on your website. Very interesting idea. Your conclusion seems to fall short. You have all this great information on the page yet choose to use a two sentence conclusion. Do you think this is a good way to end? What does this say to the reader? I do like that you stay neutral throughout the whole site. This makes your analysis non-biased and some may see it as more credible than one who picks a side. Overall, I think you did a nice job with this non-traditional format.

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