The instructions I give you in class are meant to help you practice some of the wiki skills you'll need for our work together. If you have extra time, add some things to your personal page(s)--tell me about yourself, and how I can teach you better!

Alternatively, knowing that you have many classes, each with its own sites, assignments, materials, etc., and that you may want to keep certain things private during our work together, I invite you to create your own wikispaces wiki from which you can make links to our ENG 313 course (or others). If you decide to do this, click the wikispaces icon on the top right corner of this page, create your own wiki, and then follow the instructions I gave you beginning with Step 2. Once you've finished, link your name below to that wiki (and if it's private, please send me the password in a separate email at

Melissa Benoit
Amanda Carlisi
Stacy Coleman
Kathleen Davidson
Stephanie Davis
Lyndsey Ferguson
Jennifer Harkness
Jacklyn Heckendorn
Katherine Hedrick
Jessica Hendricks
Heather Homant
Starrlene Light
Laura Mamassian
Megan McClain
Julie McCracken
Sarah Menger
Emily Mullins
Hannah Nagi
Heather Parr
Caroline Pawelski
Katie Purcell
Sarah Rehim
Ashley Ross
Erica Saidoo
Karly Scites
Michael Sherry
Elizabeth Tezak
Martha VanHorssen